Chocolate Party Fountains

Q: What type of chocolate do you use?
Made from the finest Belgium chocolate available. Our premium fondue chocolate is specially formulated to use in Chocolate Fountains. Our special recipe provides flawless chocolate flow without the messy oil mixing process necessary with other chocolate. Your guests will rave about the beauty, aroma, and intense flavor of our premium fondue chocolate.

Q: Will I pay extra for set-up, take-down?
A: No, set-up and take-down is included in your package, and there is no extra charge for this service.

Q: How many skewers are provided?
A: We have over 1000 skewers on hand for standard events (0 - 200 guests). For larger events, we will have extra on hand. Our packages come with 300-600 skewers depending on the size of your event.

Q: Is there a deposit required, and when is payment due in full?
A: We require a $200 non-refundable retainer to secure a chocolate fountain for your date. We do not hold dates without a signed contract and deposit. Balance is due in full within 14 days of scheduled event.

Q: What is required for preparation, prior to Ooh La La Chocolate’s arrival?
A: We require that you provide a sturdy, level table, an 120 volt grounded electrical outlet and the linens and decorations for the chocolate fountain. You should also have plates and napkins for your guests to use! We can provide the trays necessary for serving your dipping items, at no additional charge.

Q: Can I use the Chocolate Fountain outside?
A: We generally suggest no. The only exception is if the chocolate fountain is completely enclosed or in an area where absolutely no wind or elements of nature would be able to come in contact with the chocolate.

Q: Are dipping items included, or can they be provided?
A: Yes and No!  Many of the food items people choose need to be refrigerated and most banquet facilities do not permit food to be brought in from the outside because of liability issues.  Most requested items can easily be provided by the banquet facility, your caterer, or yourself.  However, In cases where outside food is allowed or for events hosted in private facilities we will provide a variety of dippables for an additional charge.

Q:  Are there certain dipping items that should be avoided?
A:  Yes, foods that produce crumbs such as cakes, blackberries, raspberries, and some cookies are not recommended.  However, your guests can use a ladle to pour the chocolate over items than cannot be dipped. 

Q:  How many people will a fountain serve?
A:  A single fountain, depending on size, can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 600 guests at a typical event.

Q:  Do you provide decorations for around the chocolate fountain? 
A: The Chocolate Fountain in itself is the ultimate decoration for any table. You are welcome to provide specific decorations to match your color scheme. We can provide elegant decorations from our inventory, if necessary.

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